Color Wheels


I thought this collection of color wheels were quite inspirational. I found them all over the place online several years ago when researching images to use in my classroom for this project using up our beautiful stuff collection at the end of the school year:

color wheel work

Beautiful stuff color wheel

I know they aren’t all ‘wheels’, but they are awesome ways to display a range of colors.




Geometric puzzle


Drink parasols


Skeins of yarn


Calico quilt


Basic wheel


Abstract design wheel


Fat quarter stacks


rock color wheel_2


My apologies go to the original owners as I have lost all of the citations for these photos!

From my classroom at Childtime


These are headed to Pinterest, but I wanted all of our website followers to see them first! I took these photos of a classroom I was getting ready for an open house back in 2008 (I think).

Light TableI bought mismatched gold frames from Goodwill & Savers, took out the glass, and basically glued them to the wall, then we hung children’s art inside on a rotating basis. We had enough frames hung throughout the room for every child to be represented once, all artfully grouped.

Custom PaintsI filled this lazy-suzan with various lidded glass jars, and the children made their own custom paint colors. A vase in the center for paintbrushes added the finishing touch!

Sign In Sheet

This is a sign-in sheet I created for my mixed-age class. Children had their name printed on the left for reference (with a carefully chosen font), as well as their age. I put the sheet in a binder on our writing desk each morning.

Writing Center

“The arts are an important part of a well-rounded education for all students. All of the arts – dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts – are essential to preparing our nation’s young people for a global economy fueled by innovation and creativity and for a social discourse that demands communication in images and sound as well as in text.” -Arne Duncan