My New Year’s Resolution: 365 days of parenting research

I’ve always been enamored with 1-a-day blogs that follow someone doing a certain thing for an entire year (like the guy who photographed LEGOs for a year, or the woman from Julie & Julia). Every Dec/Jan season I feel an urge to try a year of this or a daily that. It has to be something that will hold my interest for an entire year, and that I will be able to make time for every single day, so my choices are quite limited in that respect. Being a self-proclaimed research junkie, I almost had my “thing” back in 2014 reviewing early childhood research each day, but then my pregnancy took over my body & just brushing my teeth every day became a challenge, so blogging feel by the wayside.  Now here we are, on the eve of another year. Another opportunity for a year of…something.

This is where I should tell you who I am. I am a child development specialist. I have hobbies (cooking, dancing, genealogy, tending bar, LEGOs), but my true passion always has been, and always will be, early childhood education. I started in the field when I was 15-years-old, and have stayed here in various capacities for 17 years (no need to do any math here, folks). My current position is stay-at-home mom for a 3-year-old girl and a baby boy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development & hope to someday have a Doctorate. Birth to 5-years-old is my specialty, and I also teach adults about child development.

So back to the impending year. What do I want to spend a whole year doing? Being the best mom I can be, of course! I want to spend the whole year taking great care of my kids. What does that mean for a resolution? I want to read all of those great evidence-based parenting books I’ve been meaning to get to, while my children are still young enough to benefit from the knowledge I will gain. I want to read all (or even just some) of the great peer-reviewed research publications that I used to have time for. Most of all, I want to APPLY this evidence and research to my children. I want to change my behavior to benefit them. I want to be a better mom.

This is where the one-a-day concept comes in. I keep putting off the big parenting books because they’re so…big. The reading slips until tomorrow, and then tomorrow again. Meanwhile, my children keep growing older each day. Therefore, in 2018, I will tackle one fact/study/conclusion every day (make that every OTHER day, since I know me) and translate that into a manageable parenting practice. I am blogging about it in case anyone else would like to join me in my quest to improve my parenting skills. 2018, I think I’m actually ready for you.

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