Crib Bumpers

Crib bumpers (the padded piece of bedding that wraps around the inside of baby’s crib against the rails) are such a funny thing to me.  I’ve had quite a few parents tell me that when they went to register for baby items, that the sales people really pushed the bumpers on them, and that all of the bedding sets have bumpers included, so it never crossed their minds that they shouldn’t buy them.  At the same time, these bumpers have been out lawed in hospitals and child care facilities across the U.S. for years (maybe even decades?).  I have even heard of some consumer advocacy groups trying to outlaw the retail sales of these bumpers because they reduce air flow to the baby, and some more mobile infants can get their faces pressed against them and potentially suffocate themselves.  When I shared this information with the family that I nanny for, they were shocked that stores would still push these dangerous products on consumers.  Why?  Money.  If they stop selling bumpers, they’ll stop making money off of bumpers.  Just for kicks, I looked up the brand of bedding that my employer has and checked the prices of the bedding set with bumper and without bumper.  The two sets were identical other than the addition of the bumper and there was a $130 difference!  They paid $130 for a safety hazard!  I would be upset, too.  Consumerism at its prime, I suppose.

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