Playground Review: 92nd Street Park, Mukilteo, WA

92nd Street Park in Mukilteo, WA is a real treasure, just off of the beaten path in this busy aeronautics city. The park encompasses two distinctly separate play areas, one for younger children (pictured above) and one for preschool-aged children and older, pictured here:92nd Street Park Mukilteo - big kid playgroundThere is also a duck pond, rolling grassy fields, and year-round restrooms. The park has its own parking lot, and is very easy to get to when using GPS. 92nd Street park Mukilteo - toddler slideThe grown-up sized picnic tables were a nice touch, but it would be nice to have a place for toddlers to sit too.

My official park tester played mostly on the younger playground, since she is only 21-months-old. She enjoyed the slide the most, but the things-on-springs (What is the real name for these toys?) were also a big hit.Things-on-springs at 92nd st park Mukilteo The only part about the climber that made me nervous was the ladder. It was a big drop off of it, and caregivers should be especially careful here.92nd Street Park Mukilteo toddler ladder

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