by Karen Beaumont

I am not terribly fond of this book.  I do really like “Doggone Dogs” and “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!”, so I was trying to keep an open mind about this one, despite the glitter on the cover.  My open mind quickly closed, however, when I saw illustrations of 5-year-old girls trying on high heeled shoes!  I know that there are many parents/grandparents out there who revel in this overly-commercialized girly-girl world of glitter princesses, but I am not one of them.  The characters in this book go shoe shopping, trying on every pair of shoes in the store (many of them high heels), then walk out without buying anything.  In the end, they decide the best shoes to wear to the party are the ones they embellish themselves, but I don’t like that they had to spend all day at the shoe store to come to that conclusion.  I had one of my preschool students tell me the other day that her shoes, which were covered in sequins, were “Lelli Kellys.  They come with make-up and a purse.”  Maybe the girls in this story recently bought Lelli Kellys (for $70 a pair), because they seemed to be wearing a bit of make-up with their high heels.  Childhood is stolen from our children way too quickly.  Reading books like this to young girls only encourages them to act like grown-ups faster than they already are.  Yet another book that proves good stories don’t need glitter on the cover to sell.

This book was

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