How Smudge Came

by Nan Gregory

This is the only book I have ever seen that feature someone with Down Syndrome as the main character where the story is not about their special needs.  The only way a reader can tell that Cindy has Down Syndrome is from the illustrations, and a few contextual clues.  The story itself is about friendship, and a cute little puppy that appears as a smudge in the dark.  The story is beautifully told, using as few words as possible to get the poignant message across (the sign of a truly great author).

I also loved the colored pencil illustrations in this book.  They are very soft, as if viewing the story through a filter, and very appropriate to the overall feel of the book.  This is a great book to use when discussing feelings and recognizing how others may feel, or it may spark a discussion of friendship.  This book is a must for any preschool library, especially if there is a child with Down Syndrome enrolled.  Every child should be able to have a book where they see himself/herself as the hero!

This book was

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