by Kelly DiPucchio

This is a simple story about being perfect just the way you are.  In this new twist on the Corduroy plot, the main character, a robot who doesn’t really do anything “cool,” gets despondent when his trendier buddies are getting purchased from the toy store and he remains on the shelf collecting dust.  One day, the perfect child for this robot comes into the store, notices that this robot is different, and takes him home to love and care for him.  They are the perfect match.  From the endpapers to the details in the illustrations, this book is perfect for all young robot enthusiasts (when I read it, I knew immediately that my 3-year-old nephew would be in love with it!)  It would also make a great book to read in the classroom because of the wide range of emotions expressed throughout the story.  They make the perfect launching point for discussions about feelings of disappointment or envy, or even simple feelings like joy and sadness.

This book was

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