From my classroom at Childtime


These are headed to Pinterest, but I wanted all of our website followers to see them first! I took these photos of a classroom I was getting ready for an open house back in 2008 (I think).

Light TableI bought mismatched gold frames from Goodwill & Savers, took out the glass, and basically glued them to the wall, then we hung children’s art inside on a rotating basis. We had enough frames hung throughout the room for every child to be represented once, all artfully grouped.

Custom PaintsI filled this lazy-suzan with various lidded glass jars, and the children made their own custom paint colors. A vase in the center for paintbrushes added the finishing touch!

Sign In Sheet

This is a sign-in sheet I created for my mixed-age class. Children had their name printed on the left for reference (with a carefully chosen font), as well as their age. I put the sheet in a binder on our writing desk each morning.

Writing Center