“Seabird” by Robert W. Jepperson

Title: Seabird

Artist: Robert W. Jepperson

Location: Bellingham, WA

Completion/Installation Year: 1977

Medium: Painted wood.  (Laminated redwood painted a creamy white.)

Size: Taller than a grown-up. (8 ft. 8 in. x 2 ft. 3 in. x 5 ft. 5 in.)

Discovering the Piece: This abstract sculpture of a seagull is proof that an artist des not need to include every detail in order to express a complete thought. Viewers can instantly tell, from all angles, what this piece is a representation of. What are some of the details of this bird that are missing? What details did the artist choose to include? Look at how the bird’s beak is open and his wing stretched out. This pose is the equivalent of an ‘action shot’ in photography. The action makes the bird more interesting to look at.

This piece was originally crafted on a much smaller scale to enter into a sculpture competition. His small Seabird won the competition, which is why the large version was built. What do you think some of the other sculptures in the competition looked like?

Art Term: Abstract – “Expressing ideas and emotions by using elements such as colors and lines without attempting to create a realistic picture.”

Making Art: Jepperson chose a seagull because he is an avid bird lover. (He was the first president of the North Cascades Audubon Society in 1970!) What is your favorite animal? Think about what details make that animal who it is. Is it her unique tail? The distinctive shape of his nose? What single color would you choose to represent this animal?

About the Artist: Bob Jepperson is a woodworker, writer, bird watcher, & car lover. Art comes in many forms.

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