Edible Paint

I recently came across a recipe for edible paint for infants and toddlers.  I don’t know why I became obsessed; I have done this type of project with children before.  Most paints we use with small children are non-toxic, but even then it would be nice to know the paint which will inevitably go into your child’s mouth is actually edible.   It really got me thinking though as I looked closer at the ingredients.  There are so many children these days with food allergies, food intolerances and some just parental preference of what they want their children to consume.

I wanted to share a few different options of edible paint.  Right now I am dealing with gluten and dairy intolerance, so these are the recipes I wanted to share.  Gluten and dairy also seem to be the most prominent food allergies/intolerances.  I hope these options will fit within the food parameters that are set for your child.

**Any time food coloring is mentioned, I would suggest hunting down some all natural organic food dyes as some children react to normal dyes.  You can also use powdered Kool-aid packets to dye your paints. This also adds a scent aspect to your paints.

  1. Yogurt Paint (Dairy Free Option)

Vanilla Yogurt, this can be dairy or a dairy alternative (Soy, Coconut)

Food Coloring,

  • This is very simple as you can sort the yogurt in small bowls and add coloring to make several different paints. This is fun and will not harm young children
  1. Rice Cereal Paint (Gluten Free)

Infant Rice Cereal, use as much as you feel you need depending on how much paint you would like.  Mix water in until you reach desired consistency.

Food Coloring

  • This paint is not going to be smooth, like normal finger paint. It does offer another sensory aspect as it will be thicker.
  1. Milk Paint (Dairy Free Option)

Milk, you can choose a dairy free option for this (Rice, Soy, Coconut, or Almond)

Food Coloring

  • This consistency is more of a water colors, verses finger paint. It is edible and a great opportunity for infants and toddlers to have experience with a paint brush.
  1. Cool-Whip (Gluten Free)

Cool Whip

Food Coloring

  • This is not the healthiest option, but is purely edible. Cool Whip does contain high fructose corn syrup as well, so if corn is one of your child’s allergies, beware.
  1. Jello Pudding Paint (Gluten Free, Dairy Free Option)

Vanilla Pudding, prepare as the box indicates.  This does call for milk, which I’m sure dairy alternatives could be used.

Food Coloring

  • There is no gluten directly in Jello pudding, but it is not labeled gluten free, therefore may have come in contact with gluten during the manufacturing process.

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