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After NAEYC Washington DC 2009

Anual NAEYC Conference – Washington DC 2009

Meredith Scherrer (Executive Director/Co-founder):

Meredith Scherrer – Born in Indiana

When I was 16-years-old, I got my first job as an after-school preschool teacher.  I started on Monday, and by Friday I knew that this was my calling.  Since that day, I have expanded my experience to include infants, toddlers, and school-aged children.  I have held every position from an assistant teacher to a center director, and have worked in a wide variety of settings, including non-profit, faith-based, large corporate, family-owned, and centers for children with special needs.  I was even a nanny for a while.  I have worked in the child care industry in Indiana, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona, and I have my Bachelor’s degree in Professional Child Development from the University of Wyoming.  Over the course of my career my views on how children develop and what the “best possible learning environment” looks like have changed quite a bit.  Now I enjoy sharing my expertise with others, and continuing to learn from other educators and from the children I work with each day.

Kristin Lord (Development Director):

Kristin Lord – Born in Ohio

Kathrine Utzke (Co-founder):

Kathrine Utzke

Kathrine Utzke – Born in California

I started working with children when I was in high school, doing volunteer work at an elementary school, and my church youth programs. I knew early on that I wanted to be a teacher.  After I graduated high school, my first official “job” was working with children with special needs in a group home setting.  Wanting to pursue an education, I set off for college and that is when I landed in Tempe, AZ.  I attended and graduated from International Baptist College with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education.  During my college years I worked at three local preschools and realized that preschool is where my passion was.  I furthered my career by becoming an Assistant Director and held the position for about two years.  My love for the classroom and the desire to directly impact the lives of children brought me back to the classroom as a teacher.  Throughout my teaching career I feel that every center and every co-worker has impacted my life and have helped developed my belief systems to where they are today.  I feel very passionate about what I believe and feel there needs to be a voice for the young child. While co-presenting in the Phoenix area, I appreciate the ever growing desire for new ideas in our growing field.

Meredith & Kathrine with Carter & Curtis

Meredith & Kathrine with Carter & Curtis


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